Law enforcement and military professionals require high-performance protection at the lightest weight possible. We produce next-generation materials in a large range of shapes and sizes for uses in body, ground vehicle, aircraft, and marine applications to protect the soldiers of today and tomorrow.
Our ballistic protection materials take advantage of the unique material properties of advanced ceramics, including:

  • Excellent strength to weight ratio
  • Great thermal properties
  • Chemical inertness
  • High wear resistance

Our ceramic materials for composite systems provide superior ballistic protection against a wide range of threats.

The range includes 3 materials, whose high hardness and low weight make them ideal for armor applications:

Self-sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC)
Self-sintered Boron Carbide (SB4C)
Boron Carbide/Silicon Carbide Hybrid (B4C+SiC Composite)

Body Protection

When a bullet or other projectile moving at a high velocity hits an ESAPI plate, the hard ceramic material shatters and the bullet material is blunted. This process absorbs and dissipates the kinetic energy of the projectile, effectively blocking the projectile and protecting against penetration through the body armor.
We design and manufacture various ceramic solutions for multi-hit plates in different shapes (single- and multi-curve) and sizes (S through XL). All ESAPI plates are assembled from monolithic torso and monocurve ceramic plates or specially designed tiles into a mosaic armor construction. The thickness of our ceramics can be adjusted to meet the specific threat requirements (NIJ, VPMA, STANAG).

Vehicle Protection

Lightweight advanced ceramic materials help to increase efficiency while meeting or exceeding the performance of traditional steel-based systems.

We produce lightweight, tight-tolerance tiles in a high variety of shapes and curvatures for system-integrated military and armored vehicles.

Aircraft Protection

We supply a wide range of complex ceramic shapes for critical-duty applications in the aircraft industry. These materials combine the highest ballistic protection performance with significant reduction in weight. These applications range from armored seats, components to panel systems and fixed wings.