Shanghai Xiang Rong Industrial Equipment Co. Ltd. (referred to as Xiang Rong Industries) was founded in 2009 to manufacture SiC and B4C ceramics for various applications and supply the global industrial world with the concept that friendly service, customer support and product knowledge are key factors in satisfying the industrial world with engineering products.
Staffed with a big team of senior engineers and skillful technicians in ceramic materials and mechanical engineering, we offer a wide range of specialized and application-oriented ceramics and metals, which are used by customers from tens of industries around the world including military technology, oil and gas, surface treatment, glass melting, fluid handling, metallurgy and machinery. By cooperating with customers and some renowned research institutes and factories, we continuously develop innovative but cost-optimized product solutions assisting new production processes and techniques.

Sustainability is an essential part of our values. In addition to high quality standards, we also value the importance of efficient use of resources as well as safe and environmentally-friendly products and manufacturing processes. All the products we supply are manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001:2008 standards.

Our goal is to partner with our customers through directing all of our resources including high quality, reasonable price and expertise in these fields to enhance the performance of their products while advancing their market position. Inspired by the commitment, we are making more efforts in the hope of making more value for our customers.