Abrasive Blast Nozzle ect.

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Abrasive Blast Nozzles for Blasting, Spraying and Peening

Abrasive blasting work, as one of the most important procedures in surface treatment, requires quality tools for an optimal constant operating and permanently stable performance properties. With our nozzles, these requirements can be well met at attractive prices. The wear resistance, which is ensured by XCAB boron-deponsed carvitation-resistant alloy or XSC silicon carbide or XSB self-sintered boron carbide or HBC hot-pressed boron carbide, allows workable and economical results, which has proven successful in practical use.
  • Boron-deposed Cavitation-resistant Alloy (XCAB) Blast Nozzles

    XCAB is a combination of a cavitation-resistant alloy whose functional surfaces have been deposed with boron. This material combination is widely used in sandblast nozzle applications. With no difference in weight from Tungsten Carbide nozzles, XCAB nozzles provide higher toughness and serve as a very economical alternative.

  • Silicon Carbide (XSC) Blast Nozzles

    XSC is an innovative self-sintered Silicon Carbide (SiC) material. Based on nano-level ultrafine SiC powder, our XSC which bears 20% higher hardness and toughness than conventional SiC material provides at least 20% longer lifetime than existing SiC solutions at same costs.
  • Self-sintered Boron Carbide (XSB) Blast Nozzles

    XSB is a cutting-edge self-sintered Boron Carbide (B4C) material, which is primarily used in the manufacturing of nozzle liners. The unique production process drastically reduces manufacturing cost and make possible the manufacturing of the most complex shapes. With 30% higher toughness and almost same lifetime compared to hot-pressed boron carbide with most of abrasives, XSB serves as the most economical solution and one-stop material for high pressure blasting applications using all kinds and sizes of hard abrasive materials.

  • Hot-pressed Boron Carbide Nozzles (HBC)Blast Nozzles

    Hot-pressed boron carbide (HB4C), as one of the hardest materials known, offers excellent chemical and wear resistance for various demanding applications. Therefore, our HBC nozzles are used for those most wearing abrasives such as alumina and silicon carbide for efficiency-optimized reasons.

The following is a lifetime contrast of our nozzles against main abrasives:

Mat'l of Nozzle Steel Shot Quartz Sand Brown Alumina
Alumina (Al2O3) 20-40 Hours 10-30 Hours 1-4 Hours
Tungste Carbide (WC) 500-800 Hours 300-400 Hours 20-40 Hours
XCAB 500-800 Hours 300-400 Hours 20-40 Hours
XSC(SSiC) 700-1700 Hours 700-1000 Hours 350-700 Hours
XSB (SB4C) 1900-2300 Hours 950-1400 Hours 450-950 Hours
XHB (HB4C) 2000-2500 Hours 1000-1500 Hourse 500-1000 Hours